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We Give We Give

Our philosophy is based on the principal of giving. We will give to our customers. You will receive a value greater than your expectations. In addition to excellent service, we will patiently educate, answer questions, and provide solutions, while genuinely showing we care about your well being.

What to expect

We specialize in import auto maintenance, repair, and diagnosis, as well as tire services. We realize that earning your loyalty takes more than selling parts and labor. It takes a special caring that comes from truly understanding your point of view.

Recent Posts

5 Tips for your next Road Trip

You have scouted your course and destination.  You have hotel rooms booked.  You have made arrangements for your pets and mail delivery.  But how can you ensure that your road trip won’t end with memories that rival the Griswold’s disastrous trip to “Walley World?” Preparation is key! Here are 5 tips to make your next […]

Go Green with your Vehicle!

Is your vehicle harming the environment? Carbon emissions is a natural result of the combustion engine, but if your vehicle is spewing billowing clouds of purple smoke into the atmosphere every time you press the gas pedal, you have much bigger problems. But not to fear! Here are three ways Import Auto Maintenance will help you […]

Check your Tires at home this Spring

The up-and-down temperatures during spring can wreak havoc on tire pressure. A ten degree change in temperature can raise or lower tire pressure by 1 pound of pressure! It’s critical to make sure your tires are properly inflated, though. Under-inflated tires creates excessive stresses and heat and may lead to tire failure. Over-inflated tires which […]

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