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Check your Tires at home this Spring

The up-and-down temperatures during spring can wreak havoc on tire pressure. A ten degree change in temperature can raise or lower tire pressure by 1 pound of pressure!

It’s critical to make sure your tires are properly inflated, though. Under-inflated tires creates excessive stresses and heat and may lead to tire failure. Over-inflated tires which cause uneven wear plus handling and stopping problems.

Whether over- or under-inflated, the best case scenario is spending more to replace tires that wear prematurely. The worst case puts you and your family in jeopardy!

How do you know what pressure your tires should be? Check your owner’s manual rather than the maximum pressure listed on the tire itself. Spending a few dollars on a pressure gauge that you can keep in the glove compartment is a tiny investment that can help keep your family safe.

Another way you can prevent uneven wear and thus prematurely having to replace tires is by having them rotated regularly, and having the alignment checked whenever you hit a curb or a pothole.

With just a few small checks and some regular preventive maintenance, you can maximize the life of your tires and keep your family safely on the road.

If you have any questions about how to check your tire pressure, or want to have you alignment inspected after hitting a nasty pothole, call us anytime at 615-327-9600.