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Hitting a Parked Car – What’s the Next Step?

In parking lots especially, it can be sometimes challenging to maneuver carefully. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, and we have to deal with the consequences. Accidents involving a parked vehicle can be nearly as terrifying as those involving moving vehicles, and confusing as to how to deal with them. Some peoples’ first instinct when they hit a parked car is to flee the scene. Even though this is a simple flight response, we must go against our instincts and do the right thing. Imagine if you came back out from the grocery store only to find a huge dent in the side of your car; it would be infuriating to find your car without any explanation or reimbursement for the damages caused to you by an irresponsible driver. Accidents will happen, but it’s how the accident is handled that determines one’s character. If you accidently hit a parked car, it is not unreasonable to wish it never happened. However much you wish it to go away, it must be dealt with; so here are some easy steps to follow that will help you through the situation more gracefully.

Don’t flee from that place

The first thing is do not leave the scene of the accident. Depending on the state, this is considered a misdemeanor hit-and-run violation. Generally you will have to pay a large fee at the very least, and could result in more substantial methods of punishment like facing time in jail. No ounce of awkwardness and discomfort is worth dealing with the consequences of fleeing the scene of the accident. Do everything you can to find the owner of the vehicle, and if you can’t find them, wait for them as long as possible. A face-to-face exchange of information is always best in these situations, if nothing else, to apologize to the owner for the inconvenience. The basic information that should be included in the exchange is generally: name, number, and address. If you do not get to see the individual in person and must leave the scene, you must leave your information behind for the owner to find, typically in a note on their windshield. However, keep in mind that anything you say in writing can be used against you later.

Keep instant evidence

Luckily, modern technology has afforded us the ability to take instant evidence of the event, the result of the accident, and testimony of any nearby witnesses of the accident. Taking pictures of the damage is essential—knowing exactly what damage was there at the time keeps you responsible for only the current damage on the vehicle, and nothing after the fact. Witnesses that may have seen what happened can provide a more objective view of the accident and give a testimony of the details of the incident. With permission of the witness, you may want to videotape their statement. In the instance of a car accident where the other vehicle owner is not present, it is best to have as many unbiased opinions on record as possible. Furthermore, if there is visible damages to either vehicle, sometimes getting the police involved is the smartest decision—they can take note of witness statements and record the incident formally.

Cars in a Row

Last advice

Finally, you must call your insurance company; you know, the one you pay every month? Well, this is finally the time to exhaust your resource. Unfortunately, you will have to pay your deductible first, and any damages after that cost will be covered by your insurance. Luckily, this also includes property damage. Any accident on your record is undesirable for insurance rate purposes; however, the amount that your rate increases is dependent upon several factors. If the damage sustained to either vehicle exceeds 750 dollars, it is a general rule that you should resist filing a claim and simply pay for the expenses yourself. If you go through your insurance company, you will most likely end up paying more monthly for your insurance rate, as this type of accident is generally considered an “at-fault” incident—meaning, you are responsible for the damages sustained to the vehicles. Hitting a parked car is alarming and traumatic. Going through this process can be stressful, so remember these few tips to help make it all go more smoothly.

Why is It Important to Look for Certifications When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop in Nashville?

Nashville, Tennessee is known for its dynamic culture in music, sports, and cuisine. Nashville has evolved over centuries, but to this day, remains a highly populated city. Its inhabitants take the reputation of this city seriously, and every business-owner has the obligation to honor the character of Nashville. As you drive through Nashville, you will notice the fundamental diversity that the city has to offer, including its auto repair industry. Nashville is busier than ever, and it can be difficult to narrow down the array of excellent choices of auto repair shops available to consumers. There are qualities in auto repair shops that clients often expect, and rarely are impressed with. However, having some valuable information about what sets apart an exceptional auto repair business from an average one is crucial to making a decision on where you take your car, and who you trust to care for it. Beyond all else, it is most important to be sure that you seek out only the most qualified and reputable business to invest your money in—especially when it comes to something as critical to your everyday life as your mode of transportation.

Certified Technician

Check reviews & certification

When choosing an auto repair shop in Nashville, one of the first things to look for, of course, is whether or not the company has glowing reviews from their clientele. Customer reviews can say a lot about the level of customer satisfaction that they deliver upon each and every day that they are in business; customer comments and testimonies are honest and raw by nature—you are hearing it from the horse’s mouth. While customer reviews say a lot about a business’s reputation and give a general idea about customer satisfaction, there are other ways to distinguish between an average repair shop and an extraordinary one. One of the most important aspects of any trustworthy auto repair shop is the qualification of the staff members. One such certification is from AAA itself—one of the most trusted companies around. With a AAA certification, you are guaranteed services from specialists who are highly experienced in the automotive repair realm. This certification is essential for repair shops to function adequately; it reassures customers in the area that they are taking their vehicle to a shop whose service has been verified by other reputable companies in the field.

Certification speaks how advanced the shop is

AAA certification also entails that Certified Service Center the repair shop in question possesses and utilizes only the most technologically advanced and efficient equipment. In Nashville, people come to rely on the reputability of word of mouth—which can take you far. However, relying on factual information is always another way to guarantee that you will get good service. Certification by AAA designates only the most qualified and educated professionals will be working on your vehicle, and this is a great reassurance for many customers. In Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas, there is one particular shop that has delivered on the AAA certification promise time after time, for over forty years. Since 1975, the experts at Import Auto Maintenance have out-performed other repair services in the area with stellar customer reviews.

Bottom line

Specializing in European autos, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and the like are just some of the brands that Import Auto services. Whether you are in need of a diagnosis, a repair, or just routine maintenance, Import Auto is trusted not only by word of mouth from satisfied customers, but they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and AAA certified. When choosing an auto repair shop in Nashville, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options in repair shops available; however, as mentioned before, two great ways to reaffirm whatever shop you decide on is to look at the customer reviews, and the certifications of the business. If you are looking for high-quality work, low prices, and to invest in a trustworthy business to service your vehicle, take it to Import Auto Maintenance in Nashville. Each expert staff member has the same goals in mind: to remain honest, helpful, and make every repair or service their best yet. Upholding the integrity of your car is a passion of theirs, and they continually choose not to disappoint.

Tips to Handle Frozen Windshield Washer Fluid

You rely on a clean, clear windshield to be able to properly see the road while driving, anything less than that is dangerous and can make driving extremely difficult. In the cold winter months drivers prepare their vehicles for just about everything, snowy roads, flurries that make it impossible to see in front of you, it is important to be ready for whatever may occur. One issue that can lead to extremely dangerous situations is if it gets so cold that your windshield wiper fluid or the windshield washer lines actually freeze. Frozen windshield washer fluid is an unusual but sometimes unavoidable issue depending on where you live, so in the event that your windshield wiper fluid is frozen in the cold, here are some easy steps to take to get it taken care of immediately and to stay safe out on the roads.

Antifreeze Coolant

  • Start By Buying High-Grade Fluid– Some companies make windshield wiper fluid that is capable of working up to 20 or 30 degrees below zero without freezing, meaning you do not have to worry about the lines or fluid freezing over. If you live in an area that experiences extreme cold in the winter then this is the easiest, most hassle-free option for you as it will prevent freezing from happening.
  • Don’t Use Hot Water to De-Thaw– One of the most common mistakes to make is to pour hot water over the lines to attempt to unfreeze them. However, the hot water mixed with the cool air and frozen lines can lead to the glass on your windshield completely cracking, which is a much more expensive issue to take care of.
  • Check the Windshield Washing System– Should your windshield washers or fluid freeze over during the winter, it is important that you check the entire windshield washing system for cracks and damages that may have occurred. Freezing can lead to a rupture in the fluid reservoir, it can damage the water pump or damage the nozzles that dispense the fluid or even split the lines. Should freezing cause any of these damages, they can prevent your system from properly working or can cause further damages to other areas of your vehicle as well.
  • Remove the Reservoir Bottle– Depending on the make and model of your vehicle; the easiest way to treat a frozen windshield washer line is the remove the reservoir bottle completely. In some vehicles this is as easy as undoing a few bolts, so if you are able to remove it, you can place it in a bucket and near a heater vent or flush it in hot water to melt all of the ice off.
  • Use a Heating Pad if You Can’t Remove the Bottle– In some vehicles it is extremely hard to remove the reservoir bottle completely so an alternative method to defrost the frozen part is to use a heating pad. Stuffing a heating pad in and around the bottle will help to defrost it immediately, the lower you can stuff the pad the better because the heat will radiate upward. You should be able to operate the washer completely like normal once it is completely defrosted but be sure to only operate them for a few seconds to a minute at a time.
  • Don’t Use Them if You Think The Lines Are Frozen– If you think the lines may have frozen or the fluid itself is frozen, you do not want to operate them at all as this can put severe strain on the entire system and can damage components like the pump itself. Instinct may tell you to try anyways to determine if they are in fact frozen but the damages that can be caused from the strain of trying to operate.

Adding Antifreeze Coolant

A few more words

You expect your windshield wipers to always work, when they don’t properly work then it can make it very difficult and dangerous to drive. In cold, winter months where the temperatures drop substantially your windshield washer lines and fluid could potentially freeze. Knowing what to do in the event that your washer lines freeze and taking the necessary precautions can help avoid the issue altogether and prevent expensive and extensive damages to the entire windshield washer system and other components of your vehicle.