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Pushing the limits of technology that a vehicle can possess, Audi represents a groundbreaking step towards the future of how cars are made. Possessing power and comfort to spare along with sleek, modern designs suitable for drivers from 18-80 would feel cool behind the wheel of.

With so much technology present, it’s important that when you are considering maintenance for your Audi, that you find someplace with mechanics that truly understand everything under the hood and will strive to make sure your vehicle gets the exact work it needs.

Import Auto Maintenance is your alternative to the crowded and impersonal dealer visits and the overpriced mechanics that have become far too common an experience for luxury car owners.

When you visit us, you’re getting more than just a replacement part to turn off the check engine light. When it comes to your Audi, we hold ourselves to high standards that include:

  • Quality work performed right the first time
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff of Audi specialists
  • Certified Audi technicians that know exactly what your vehicle needs

Located in Nashville, Tennessee for over 40 years, we’ve watched Audi evolve into one of the leading brands in terms of innovation and our specialists are ready to make sure every potential issue is looked into to ensure that we get the job done right.

Trust is essential to any interaction, let alone when it comes to something like service or repairs for your luxury vehicle so we push ourselves to run thorough and complete diagnostic tests on your Audi to make sure that we can inform you of any and every possible preventative action you may need to take to avoid long-term issues.

We’ve operated with the belief that quality work and trustworthy mechanics will ensure nothing but the best for your vehicle and for over four decades we’ve taken the same approach to each vehicle we service in the Nashville and Germantown areas.

If you need an honest take on what could be ailing your vehicle or are in need or routine services with a personal touch, please call us at 615-327-9600 today.

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