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Driving Tips for Older Drivers

As you get older, the need to drive doesn’t seem to slow down though it may be a bit tougher as your motor skills and response and reaction times tend to slow with age. Keeping yourself and other drivers on the road safe is the number one priority   ... Read More

Effects of Cheap Transmission Repair

First let’s state the obvious: owning a car is a constant and expensive, commitment. Depending on the model and brand you choose, it can even require you follow strict and specific service and repair plans to make sure your vehicle stays running in  ... Read More

How to Avoid Engine Overheating

Engine trouble is some of the most stressful and potentially expensive work to have done on your car. With such a wide variety of potential issues, it can often feel like a Russian roulette of sorts when waiting for a diagnosis. Engine overheating is  ... Read More

How to Differentiate a Good Auto Repair Shop from a Bad One

Unless you’re a savvy person when it comes to dealing with auto repairs, finding a mechanic you can trust can seem like a very daunting process. Unfortunately these days there are as many stereotypes of lying mechanics that exaggerate issues and pr  ... Read More

5 Tips for your next Road Trip

You have scouted your course and destination.  You have hotel rooms booked.  You have made arrangements for your pets and mail delivery.  But how can you ensure that your road trip won’t end with memories that rival the riswold’s disastrous tr  ... Read More

Vehicle Air Conditioning not Working?

On the hottest days in Nashville, your car’s air conditioning keeps you comfortable on the road. But after a winter of hibernating, hidden problems may emerge in the A/C in your vehicle. If you turn on the air conditioning and it struggles to ge  ... Read More

Car Sick? Check your Suspension

Anyone who has experienced motion sickness while driving down the roads can tell you it is not a pleasant experience. But before you shrug it off as something you simply have to deal with, stop by Import Auto Maintenance to have your car’s suspens  ... Read More

Check your Tires at home this Spring

The up-and-down temperatures during spring can wreak havoc on tire pressure. A ten degree change in temperature can raise or lower tire pressure by 1 pound of pressure! It’s critical to make sure your tires are properly inflated, though. Under-i  ... Read More

The Role of Brake Fluid

Brake systems are responsible for safely stopping your vehicle. But it’s more than just brake pads and calipers… one critical factor is the brake fluid. Your vehicle’s brakes are a hydraulic system. They rely on brake fluid to move other par  ... Read More

Emergency Brake Risks in the Cold

Winter isn’t over yet in Nashville, and freezing temperatures are still on the horizon. As winter weather poses threats to vehicles across the state, some of the most dangerous threats are the ones you can’t see. Consider your emergency brake.  ... Read More

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