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Car Myth: Higher Octane Gas, Better Performance

When it’s time to fill your gas tank, should you be reaching for that higher octane fuel? Not necessarily. Always use the right fuel for your specific vehicle, as specified in your manufacturer’s manual. Occasionally a myth circulates t  ... Read More

Coolant or Antifreeze?

Though it is a common misconception, coolant and antifreeze are actually the same thing! This fluid, which is mixed with water in your engine sometimes called “radiator fluid,” circulates through your vehicle’s engine and cooling system   ... Read More

How To Find A Good Import Auto Repair Shop

It is important to find a quality import auto repair shop. You may need regularly scheduled maintenance on an import, such as a BMW or Mercedes. By having a good repair shop to go to, you can ensure that there is going to be a quality diagnosis made   ... Read More

How To Check Your Tire Pressure

When it comes to import auto repair, it’s always a good idea to know how to check your own tire pressure. As the weather changes outside, the pressure within your tires can change as well. You don’t want to experience a flat tire or even a tire b  ... Read More

Routine Auto Maintenance Checklist

It’s time to learn the truth about maintenance, including what needs to be done and when. You don’t want to spend any more money on import auto repair than what is absolutely necessary and that’s why you have to focus on the preventative mainte  ... Read More

How to Prep a Car for Your Summer Road Trip

Summers are made for the Great American Road Trip. Long days and short nights mean plenty of time for fun in the sun after driving to get there. Before you embark on your road trip, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready. Here is a maintenan  ... Read More

Gas Mileage and Your A/C

With summer here the price of gas continues to increase daily. In addition to this, as the temperature rises you use your air conditioner more often, which burns more fuel. The Department of Transportation estimates that your imported car bur  ... Read More

Is your car making you Sick?

It might not be a question you ask yourself very often, but it’s an important one. Preventative maintenance is important for the health of your vehicle, but what your health? Avoiding routine maintenance can actually put your health at ris  ... Read More

Summer Vehicle Maintenance, part 3

Before you load up for that long awaited cross country trip to the mountains or the seashore, take a few minutes to make sure the activities you are planning are the only ones you will be experiencing. We are talking about your trusty traveli  ... Read More

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