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With just three letters, BMW delivers so many messages to drivers and admirers alike. Seemingly representing another level of luxury vehicle, owning and driving a BMW is less a trip and more an experience. Loaded with comforts and amenities and running a seamless blend of power and technology, no company embodies the progression and potential of vehicles quite like BMW does.

With such cutting edge technology, it’s no surprise that each BMW comes with its’ own customized preventative maintenance and service schedule. BMW owners know the importance of finding mechanics that truly understand what each specific model needs to maintain optimum performance conditions.

For over 40 years Import Auto Maintenance has provided service of unparalleled quality to the constantly evolving and advancing technology in every BMW and our specialists know the ins and outs of each vehicle’s specific service plan.

When you bring your BMW to Import Auto Maintenance, you’re leaving your vehicle in the hands of passionate mechanics that look to provide you and your vehicle the best experience possible.

Whether it’s a cosmetic issue that needs a replacement part ordered to have your car looking brand new again or a deeper internal computer issue that needs to be properly diagnosed before it can be repaired, our specialists will be there to make the process an easy one.

We believe we have qualities that set us apart from the rest of the mechanics and even going straight to the dealer.

When you choose us, you’re choosing:

  • Fast, Friendly Customer Service!
  • BMW Oil Change Experts
  • Quality work with a personal touch

We’ve stayed at the same location and serviced BMW’s deep in the heart of Nashville for over four decades while also servicing vehicles from Germantown, Tennessee with each vehicle receiving the same level of commitment and passion for vehicles that we were founded on.

When you come to Import Auto Maintenance, we believe that we have two main responsibilities to you and your car. First, we look to perform the service you request quickly and competently. Secondly, we need to make sure we advise you of the proper preventative steps to take with your BMW now to avoid costly issues down the road.

If your BMW is need of routine preventative maintenance or more serious services are required, make an appointment with one of our specialists today by calling 615-327-9600 today.

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