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Car Sick? Check your Suspension

Anyone who has experienced motion sickness while driving down the roads can tell you it is not a pleasant experience. But before you shrug it off as something you simply have to deal with, stop by Import Auto Maintenance to have your car’s suspension checked.

As your car travels the uneven roads in Nashville, the suspension keeps you from bouncing uncontrollably in the cabin. But if you’ve put off one too many tire rotations, alignments, or repairs, you’ll feel every bump and crack in the roads.

For those already prone to motion sickness, this can mean miles of queasiness and discomfort. This is especially true when the vehicle’s suspension needs maintenance!

Tire rotations and alignments ensure that your vehicle’s tires hit the road at precisely the correct angle. If the tires are out of alignment, it can result in rapid wear, uneven tread, and uncomfortable rides. When these conditions become extreme, it can even damage the suspension of your vehicle.

Including an alignment inspection as part of your regular car care can catch these issues before they cause problems and maximize the life of your tires, saving you money! It will also save you from feeling sea sick every time you hit the road with misaligned tires and damaged suspension.

In the suspension system, sway bars control the motion from side to side while shocks and struts tackles the up and down bounce. If your vehicle suspension is damaged, not only will the risk of car sickness rise, you’ll get less life out of your tires as they wear unevenly and risk further damage and costly repairs.

Don’t settle for bumpy rides have your suspension inspected and repaired to soothe motion sickness, get the longest life from your tires, and save money.

Preventative maintenance can help keep you and your vehicle healthy and comfortable on the road. Whether it means a suspension repair, wheel alignment, or safety inspection, stop by Import Auto Maintenance for healthier drives and peace of mind all summer! Request an appointment online.

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