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How To Find A Good Import Auto Repair Shop

It is important to find a quality import auto repair shop. You may need regularly scheduled maintenance on an import, such as a BMW or Mercedes. By having a good repair shop to go to, you can ensure that there is going to be a quality diagnosis made and the repairs will be handled properly.
Use References

You never want to simply pull your car into any import auto repair shop for a Mercedes repair if you don’t know what the mechanic has to offer. There are various references and resources that you can use online to help you learn more about what a repair shop has to offer and what their reputation is. Reputation can be explored on such sites as Angie’s List and Yelp. If other people who have used the repair shop like what the mechanics have done, you can likely trust that you are going to have a similar experience and that the BMW service or BMW repair that you get will be high quality.
Ask What They Offer

Don’t make your decision based on location. Focus on what the location has to offer, such as a well-organized facility with service bays that feature modern equipment. Ensure that the people working there are professional and have the ASE training to prove that they are knowledgeable about the various aspects of auto repair.
Examine the Environment and Credentials

Also look to see if the repair shop has a sense of community. They should be a member of the Better Business Bureau and even have some service awards or plaques to show that they are active within the community.

The details about the labor rates and fees should be posted in the waiting room. You also want to see methods of payment. Everything should be written out so you have documentation as opposed to getting quotes by mouth alone.
Test Drive the Shop

It is a good idea to start with something small, such as tire rotation or an oil change. If they are professional and do well, you can reward them by bringing your import back for something more extensive.
Look at Service Offerings

You need to find out what an import auto repair shop is actually offering. Not all mechanics are the same, and some don’t even have the level of experience that is needed to make the necessary repairs to your BMW, Mercedes, or other import.

All the mechanics that work at the shop should have ASE certification. This is a nonprofit organization that certifies individuals as automotive repair technicians.