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Land Rover

For dependability and sturdiness, it doesn’t get much better than a Land Rover. Existing seemingly only to make even the longest and dullest of drives more exciting, Land Rover gives you the luxurious comfort you expect in an import vehicle that somehow seems just as comfortable and powerful on the road as off of it.

It’s not your typical run-of-the-mill SUV as it makes no attempt to sacrifice any comforts or minimizing any of the spacious interior to achieve it’s optimum performance, to put it simply: it’s made to include the best of both worlds.

Though it seems indestructible, owners will tell you the importance of receiving high quality maintenance annually to maintain that high performance and comfort. Import Auto Maintenance in Nashville, Tennessee is one of the area’s largest service centers and for over 40 years we’ve worked on vehicles with the same passion and quality that we were founded with.

Seeing the evolution of the SUV in the form of Land Rover, our specialists know exactly how your vehicle should look, sound and feel. Whereas some SUVs feel like you’re commanding a ship or driving a tank, we know what kind of a rapid response to expect from a Land Rover and what we need to do to fix it if something is wrong.

Import Auto Maintenance believes that the days of overcrowded and impersonal dealership experiences and expensive trips to untrustworthy mechanics should be numbered and when you visit us, you’ll be subject to a memorable experience for all the right reasons. When you bring your Land Rover in, among some of the services it will receive are:

  • Full diagnostic testing to properly diagnose any issues
  • Knowledgeable and friendly Land Rover certified specialists
  • Fast, dealer quality service with a more personal touch

If your Land Rover is in need of service and you’d like to leave your vehicle in the hands of experienced, passionate and knowledgeable mechanics that takes your vehicle’s maintenance as seriously as you do; please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today or enquire about the services we offer by calling us at 615-327-9600.

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