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Only one vehicle manages to be simultaneously timeless and at the cutting edge of technological achievements: Porsche. Porsche remains as cool to see on the road today as it did 50 years ago and that’s because classic craftsmanship simply cannot be beat. The effort and care that goes into each model can be felt immediately after you slip behind the wheel and feel the fast acceleration and smooth and responsive handling.

Porsche has lasting power that not every vehicle enjoys and it’s because each vehicle they make has its’ own unique designs, comforts and abilities. Whether you’re looking for unmatched speed, otherworldly comfort or a blending of the two, Porsche sets itself apart by subtracting any unnecessary features or add-ons; everything on your vehicle was put there with a function and a purpose.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, it’s important to know what sets each one apart and that when your Porsche is in need of service, you can trust your mechanic to know the ins and outs of each model and where the problem is and how to fix it before it becomes a bigger and more costly problem.

Import Auto Maintenance knows exactly what makes your Porsche run, no matter the model. We proudly bring over four decades of experience servicing and maintaining Porsche vehicles, we’ve seen the great leaps that they’ve taken in integrating technology and luxury and we know exactly what your Porsche needs to stay running properly.

Each Porsche has a service plan that needs to be adhered to and our specialists will help to take the guesswork out of knowing when and what needs to be done to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

For over 40 years we’ve serviced vehicles in Nashville, Tennessee as well as in Germantown with the same principles guiding us:

  • Fast and friendly service
  • Experienced and passionate specialists
  • Extensive diagnostics to determine any and all preventative measures that can be taken to avoid costly repairs to your vehicle

If your Porsche is in need of routine services or more serious maintenance, please make an appointment with one of our specialists today by calling us at 615-327-9600.

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