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Common Service Repairs for All BMW Models

BMW sets a standard in engineering, technology, and performance; they are the triple threat of the auto industry. There are few luxury brands that can surpass BMW in these areas, and all car enthusiasts know the true value of a Bimmer. The quality and reliability of these cars is unique and rather impressive. Having said that all BMW models are wonderfully exceptional, they still require adequate care and maintenance to perform at their best, at all times. For most car enthusiasts, taking excellent care of a BMW simply comes with the territory of the investment in such a fine machine. For others, this instinct does not come so easily. When the owner is not able to stay on top of routine maintenance and repairs, it can send an expensive ripple effect of damages through your precious Bimmer. Like any other brand, BMWs also come with their list of typical issues. For BMW, this list is relatively short. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of potential issues that you may encounter if you own a BMW.

BMW Check Up List

Electronic issue

Some of the higher-reported issues with all BMW models are associated with electronically governed systems. Some BMW owners have complained that they experience issues with window regulators, door locks, or windshield wipers. Generally, electronic issues can be easily fixed with the right auto service center to help the process along. Although these issues are typically not in need of being fixed immediately, it is always best to bring your BMW in for an inspection or diagnosis right away to avoid additional expenses later on. Besides, part of the luxury of owning a BMW is the benefit of having access to the most-used, convenient features like power windows and door locks. Staying on top of electronic issues will secure the value of your vehicle as well if you ever choose to sell it. The longer the problem goes unresolved, the more likely you will leave the mechanic with a more expensive bill on your next service.

Vibration in the steering wheel

Another common issue that has been reported for all BMW models is vibration in the steering wheel that intensifies over time. If you notice vibration in your steering wheel that is more intense than normal, it is likely that it is related to the suspension of the car and like most automotive issues, will worsen with time and can cause other problems down the line. A frequent complaint when this symptom occurs is the control arm bushings have worn out too quickly. This can lead to other issues related to the suspension, or may be caused by another suspension-related part. If you especially notice the problem while applying pressure to the brakes, you should bring the car in immediately; if it goes overlooked, it can cause significant wear to your break pads or even rotors.

Fluid leak

Another problem that may occur if you own a BMW is a fluid leak. Coolant and oil leaks are common for many different vehicle types, and it can be alarming when you notice a mysterious puddle beneath your car in the driveway. Faulty gaskets or valve seals can cause an oil leak. These problems are generally easy to fix themselves, however, the damage they can cause are not always that simple. Furthermore, the issue may also be related to the fuel system—particularly the pump and injector. This is in the range of more expensive solutions. The good news is that generally you can prevent issues relatively well by checking oil levels regularly.

BMW Motor Problem

Find a qualified technician

Owning a BMW is a privilege; the unrivaled performance is a commodity that not everyone has the luxury of experiencing. Because BMW enthusiasts so typically cherish their vehicles, they know the importance of preventive care. When you find a qualified and experienced auto technician, you should look for someone who specializes in German engineering, or even specifically BMWs. Dealerships are not always the best answer, as they know that car owners are prone to feeling more comfortable going to them and can wind up taking advantage of customers’ inexperience. A good BMW mechanic will know about the common issues that may be associated with specific BMW models and know the best way to treat the problem.

BMW Motor Problem image credit goes to: Reimphoto