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Importance of Eco-Friendly Cars on Our Environment

There are numerous reasons why more and more drivers are making the switch to eco-friendly cars. Not only do they get better fuel mileage than regular vehicles, and with gasoline being a finite resource, the importance of that can’t be overstated but also they have a significantly lower impact on the environment and are actually a huge benefit to the environment and reducing pollution and emissions. While naysayers will argue that the designs of most eco-friendly cars will deter drivers from making the switch when shopping for a new car, more and more drivers are looking to take advantage of the money and environment saving benefits that they offer. These are just some of the many benefits that eco-friendly cars can actually have on our environment.

Eco-Friendly Car

Benefits of eco-friendly cars

  • Decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emissions– The more gasoline using cars there are and the more gas that gets used, the more carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen among other pollutants get released into the earth’s atmosphere. In eco-friendly cars, there is little to no gas that is used which greatly reduces and even eliminates the amount of air pollution put into the atmosphere when you start your car.
  • Fuel Demand Decreases– The less that drivers have to depend on gasoline for their vehicles means the less oil will be drilled for. The drilling process has numerous dangerous environmental and ecological effects and using less gasoline will also cut out the need to outsource oil from other countries as well. This reduction in fuel will also help lower dependence on oil as well as the cost of fuel.
  • Safer Disposal of Batteries– One of the largest causes for concern when it comes to a car’s impact on the environment involves the car’s battery. The manufacturing, mining, use and disposal of lead, nickel and lithium (the three main battery types) are all known to have adverse effects on the environment, where eco-friendly and hybrid cars help this is actually at the manufacturer level. Most manufacturers for hybrid and eco-friendly cars will offer cash incentives to consumers that bring their batteries back in to be properly recycled.
  • Easier Vehicle Maintenance– Since electric cars don’t have traditional engines and engine parts, they require little to no oils and minimal fluids. This lack of parts leads to much less maintenance being required to keep your vehicle running properly and will also reduce the amount of waste from changing oils and fluids which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Steps to convert regular car to eco-friendly one

Not everyone wants to or can afford to upgrade their car to a more eco-friendly one and while they are considerably better for the environment, there are still steps that you can follow to make your regular car more environmentally friendly as well.

  • You can save on use of gas by driving the speed limit and avoiding braking suddenly and rapidly accelerating.
  • Use synthetic oils in your engine and also high-flow air filters that reduce build up of debris in the oil and extend the amount of time between needing oil and filter changes.
  • Replace your spark plugs regularly to promote a healthy running engine and system. A vehicle that is well kept up will perform stronger and more efficiently so performing regular maintenance will help keep everything free of damage.
  • If you think you’re going to be idling for more than a minute, turn your car off to reduce the exhaust emissions and added corrosion inside the engine caused by idling.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated to the manufacturer recommended PSI. Lower or higher pressure tires will not only get less traction and grip on the road but can greatly decrease your fuel efficiency as well.

Electric Car Charging

You can also convert your car’s standard engine to one that runs on natural gas with a CNG conversion kit to help reduce emissions as well as diesel engines to run on vegetable oil or ethanol though these conversions can be expensive.


With how much driving millions of Americans do each day; cutting down on emissions and pollution to help the environment is a key concern to many drivers and environmentalists alike. By switching to more eco-friendly and hybrid cars or working to reduce your regular car’s emissions, you can have a significant impact on the environment in a positive way.