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Is Your Car Vibrating? 5 Possible Reasons You Must Know

Most of us in Nashville, TN only think about vehicle maintenance when something goes wrong with our car. Unfortunately, that’s when the repairs will cost the most. If you take care of your car by having tune-ups, oil changes, routine inspections, and following your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance plan set forth by the manufacturer, then your car will surely run at its most optimal performance level at all times. Only when something drastic occurs, like an accident, will you be stuck paying for costly repairs and replacement parts. Nashville is notorious for its traffic, which can also take a toll on your car. Noticing symptoms that something isn’t quite right with your car is the first sign of trouble usually, and the longer you wait, the more damage inflicted on other parts of your vehicle, leading to an even higher repair bill. One of the most alarming signs of car trouble is intense vibration in various spots of the vehicle. Depending on where the vibration is localized, it may be any number of issues causing the vibration. If you notice that your car is vibrating at all, you should bring it to your nearest, trusted automotive shop for an inspection. Here are five possible causes of vibration that your automotive specialist may detect:

Car Mechanic Solving Vibration Issue

Tire trouble

One of the most common issues that may cause a car to vibrate is tire trouble. Tire pressure is critical to maintaining the life of your tires, and ensuring that they wear properly. If you notice that your tire pressure is low, you should refer to the owner’s manual for the proper pressure to fill them to. If tires wear unevenly due to inadequate air, you may need a tire rotation, a balance, or new tires.

Wheel misalignment

You may notice that the vibration is more localized to the steering wheel only, making it difficult to keep the car going in a straight line. One possible cause is that you need a wheel alignment. Wheel alignment can also affect the wear of the tires, making them wear out quicker than typical. Otherwise, the issue could be caused by corroded wheel bearings. Before assuming the worst, check to be sure that your wheels are on tightly and securely.

Engine issues

You may detect the vibration coming from the front portion of the vehicle, localized around the engine area. Your car might vibrate or shake when increasing speeds or may idle roughly. Your check engine light may come on, indicating that trouble codes need to be read and diagnosed by a professional auto mechanic. Any engine issues should be taken to an automotive specialist immediately, but usually this symptom is attributed to old spark plugs in need of replacement.

Brake issues

If you observe that the vibration is most intense when the vehicle is stopping or slowing down, there may be an issue with your brakes. Having your brakes maintained often involves replacing the brake pads with good quality pads, inspecting the rotors, calipers, and brake drums. If something goes wrong with vibration as a symptom, typically the rotors are worn and need to be replaced.

Axle issues

Another possible reason for generalized vibration could be axle issues. Boots and CV joints become worn relatively easily with every bump and pothole we plow through. This rough action can make these parts age and wear more quickly, particularly for those of us who like to go off-roading in the outer parts of Nashville. If you tend to ride rough, you should work on having your car updated with specialty parts that can better withstand such movement.

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Final words

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